21 Jan 2009

3 and a 1/2 Weeks to go

OK so those that read this and are teachers will probably know instantly what I am talking about, it is three and a half weeks until half term wahoo!! I am looking forward to it immensely, a week of lie ins and not needing to go anywhere and work, I get to see my sister for a couple of days and hopefully visit some uni friends but there is a downside, I leave my B placement and go back to A school.

Let me explain. As part of my training on the job type thing I am doing to become a teacher, I work in a school and actually teach real children, then for six weeks or half a term I get uprooted from where I have settled and get thrown in to a whole new school but only for six weeks. This is where I currently am at the moment. I have gone from one extreme to the other and this has caused many various emotions. Although my two schools are completely different I am loving them both although in different ways, (there have definitely been less tears in B school than A!) and so although it is only three and a half weeks until half term and all the fun that brings (I will be working as well but it is clearly much more fun working in your pjs watching day time telly!) I will have also left a school that has challenged me as a teacher and has encouraged me and made me grow. Do I really want to leave? That is the question, I do not know the answer but the fact of the matter is I have to and all those emotions will begin as we now cross the halfway barrier in this half term.

7 Nov 2008

You Know You Have Worked Too Much When....

OK so last night I did some work. Not unusual for the amount of stuff I have to do but in particular last night I was just going over my planning for a year 9 lesson I have this afternoon. I had taken home the video I wanted to show them so I was completely clear on what they would get out of it. Now at the moment I am looking at the Battle of the Somme and in particular Field Marshal Douglas Haig (see picture below!)

The disturbing thing about this though is that when my alarm went off at 6.45 this morning, 91/2 hours after I had finished the video and sorting out my lesson, I found myself thinking, well if I pause the video here they will be able to note this point and if I continue until this bit etc etc.

So, you know you have worked too much when..you wake up thinking of a man who is responsible for killing thousands of people and who has a ridiculous moustache!

2 Oct 2008

8 facts which may or may not be interesting!

OK so I have been tagged in this more than once so really should do it.

1) I am typing this from a chool computer, I cannot access my personal emails or facebook but blogging I can do!

2) I have never broken a bone in my body so far although have dislocated my right knee twice so far.

3) I have been in ambulance twice (see above reason!)

4) I am afraid of mice and human bones

5) I hate being on my own, I need company, conversation and noise

6) I went to university and in my three years there never went to a purple Wednesday (big event at student union)

7) I am the oldest child in my family and the oldest grandchild on one side of my family

8) I would choose savoury food over sweet food every time!

I now tag Becca, Sarah and Kirst

6 Sep 2008

Back to School

That's right after six years of not going back to school this September I have been back. I have just completed my first three days as a graduate teacher in a secondary school and I have survived!

Highlights of my week:-

1. Finding out what happens on a teacher training day although the day itself was not that thrilling!!
2. Planning a lesson. Very scary but my lesson plan worked. Woo!
3. Receiving my Teacher's Planner. It was the highlight of my day and I got very excited. I am almost a proper teacher!!!

Funniest moment of the week had to be yesterday when a year seven asked me where a room was and I had no idea. Funny but embarrassing. I did manage to direct them in the end to where they needed to be for wet lunch, phew!!

17 Jun 2008

All Coming Together

For a while now I have been trying to figure out what my career needs to be, what I want to do when I am a 'grown up', where I can use my skills and my education and for the past six months I have been applying for positions that would make it all come together and at last it has paid off. As of September I am going to be training as a teacher in a secondary school in Havering teaching History. I am possibly doing one of the hardest routes into teaching but at last I have a destination.

The past year since leaving university has been a struggle in many areas the main one being on the job front. I just had no idea what I wanted to do and what I should be doing. All my friends had jobs they loved whereas I was just going from one temp assignment to another and often finding myself out of work for a few weeks but now I'm sorted. I can say I have a career, I am nearly a 'grown up' and this entire idea scares me a lot but I am now a firm believer that prayer before interviews really does pay off.

23 May 2008


Ok so it has been over a month since I last blogged but was struggling with what to say and this morning it came to me. People who plan weddings are obsessed!! OK so I am planning a wedding but even my crazy planning is not as crazy as these people.

I have joined a forum on one of the websites of a popular wedding magazine for the date I am getting married and there have been tips shared and interest and information being swapped about and then today it went to a whole new level. I received an email saying more posts had been posted on this forum so I log in and have a read and I have discovered true Bridezillas!! People have their own websites for getting married. Now I know I am a crazy planner and have two books and have a countdown on facebook etc but to create my own website about the day surely that is taking things one step too far?

I just needed to blog this as I can't believe it is now the fashion to do this. What is the world coming too!!!

13 Apr 2008


OK this may be a slushy post so apologies if it is but felt I needed to say this. Tonight I am sitting at home on my own, my mum is away on holiday so I am spending the week alone in my house. I have just said goodbye to my fiance(!!!!!!) as he goes back to uni and although I spent the weekend with him and will see him again on Friday I sobbed all the way home and then when I opened the door sobbed again and then when washing my hair sobbed again. Now normally I am not this bad. True I hate saying goodbye to him but normally I know I am going to see him in a matter of days and there are no tears. So why has it affected me so badly this time? Is it because this is the first time we will be apart since getting engaged? Is it because we have just spent four weeks together? Is it because I cannot plan any more of the wedding until I see him? Or is it simply because I hate being on my own and am hating the idea of not having company for the week that it has forced me to realise how much I love him, I like being with him, how involved he is in my life and how much I just want to be with him everyday?

Apologies again for the slushiness but it just crossed my mind why do we or should I say I never appreciate the people in my life until I am on my own and lonely?